Handling 'Transaction expired' wallet messages

A 'Transaction expired' wallet message when trying to do a certain action in Supersafe indicates from your wallet extension that your wallet may need to be changed to the correct network setting. This happens when the Organization Account you are working on is set to a Mainnet network, and your wallet is set to Devnet, or when the organization is set to Testnet Sandbox and your wallet is set to Mainnet.

For transactions to occur without any incidents, the wallet extension needs to be set for the same network as the environment that you're working in (Mainnet with Mainnet and Devnet for Testnet Sandbox). This is especially important when using a Ledger. To change the network of your wallet, follow these steps (they tend to be universal for any wallet):

  1. Open your wallet extension.
  2. Click on the gear icon or Settings.
  3. Once inside Settings, click 'Development Settings' or 'Network.'
  4. Finally, select the appropriate network.

For more information on the different networks to work in Supersafe, please see Testing Sandbox: What is it and how to use it.

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