How to start using Supersafe

Welcome to Supersafe! Starting with a new application can feel overwhelming. That's why we've taken the time to create a comprehensive set of articles to guide you through every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that you can find answers to any questions you may have at a moment's notice.

Throughout our documentation, you'll find articles focused on each major part and stage of the application. However, this guide is designed to take you through onboarding, helping you become proficient with Supersafe from A to Z.

Don't worry if you need clarification about a specific subject. You can always look at our more detailed articles, which give in-depth information on specific topics. Here, we'll walk you through how all these pieces come together, providing you with a seamless and intuitive experience when using Supersafe.

Let's get started on your journey to becoming a Supersafe pro!

Joining and Onboarding

The first step to joining Supersafe is to join the website, log in to the application, and then go through the onboarding experience to gain access to the app. Follow these steps:

Visit the Supersafe Website and Login

1) The first step is to visit Supersafe.

2) Select the desired login method and go through the verification to log in. For more information on how to log into Supersafe, please visit How to log into Supersafe.

3) Once logged in, you can join Supersafe in one of two ways: Either you join the waitlist or were invited to join an organization. Join the waitlist or use an invitation code to continue.

4) If you joined an Organization, you'll be sent directly to the Organization's Supersafe account. Otherwise, you'll wait for your turn on the waitlist to join.

5) you can schedule an Onboarding Session once your wait-list turn arrives. For more information on scheduling an Onboarding Session, please see How to schedule an Onboarding Session.

6) Now, please wait for the Onboarding Session's date and an onboarding specialist to help you join the application.

Setting up your Treasury and Understanding your Dashboard

Once logged into Supersafe and joined your organization, you will be in that organization's Treasury. Right now, the Treasury will be empty, so the first thing to do is Import a Wallet/Safe or Create a Safe.

1) Welcome to your Treasury! Select the desired option to 'Create Safe' or 'Connect Account.'

2) Input a wallet/safe address or place a name for the safe you create. Just so you know, if creating a Safe, you will be asked to connect a wallet.

3) After creating a Safe or connecting a wallet/safe account, your Treasury will change to display all required information about your organization's finances based on the wallets/safes/accounts added to it. Here, you can move treasury accounts to different groups, rename them, and manage them as desired.

4) Accessing any individual treasury account will provide all necessary details about that account and will allow day-to-day operations to occur.

Managing your Organization

Now that the organization is taking shape, the next step would be to invite other users and understand the settings available to you as an Administrator of your organization.

1) Access the Organization Profile configuration page by clicking the user profile and then on 'Org Settings.'

2) In this area, you can change the organization's configurations, such as the org name brand logo, or invite new users into the application.

3) This section's main feature will be inviting new users. To do this, click on 'Invite New Users' and proceed to have your co-workers join the application. For more information on inviting new users to Supersafe, please see How to invite users to join my Organization.

Congratulations! You have completed the entire Supersafe experience, from signing up and joining an organization to effectively managing your treasury. If you ever need more detailed information on any of these steps, please don't hesitate to refer to our comprehensive articles or contact our dedicated support team for help. Happy using Supersafe!

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