Managing permissions in a Treasury Account

Treasury accounts are the core of Supersafe, as they are the vehicles that enable users to manage the funds that are deposited in the organization's treasury. However, not all users have the same needs when it comes to managing a treasury account, and that is the reason why these accounts are highly customizable, by allowing Admin users to tailor-make the permissions each user will have for each individual treasury account.

Admins will be able to perform all actions in all treasury accounts, and they will be able to revoke any previously-given access level that a user no longer requires. To manage users' permissions, admins need only do the following:

  1. Login to Supersafe.
  2. Go to 'Treasury.'
  3. Go to 'Accounts.'
  4. In Accounts, select the treasury account where the changes are going to be made.
  5. Go to 'Manage account.'
  6. In this section, you'll be able to view a list of users that have access to this treasury account. You can modify any user's permissions, or revoke access to the account altogether.
  7. Click 'Save changes', and you're done!

There are also ranks that have inherent permission levels. These are used to provide a set group of permissions to a user that doesn't require much customization in the access they require. Permissions are still able to be modified if needed be, in order to be more specific in the required access for that user.

The ranks available are as follow:

Account-admin (Admin): This role provides admin-level in treasury affairs to the user, allowing them to modify permissions, add new users, create new treasury accounts, etc. It also has access to the Panic Button functionality.

Signer: It’s a rank that allows for signing proposals, allowing a particular task to either be approved or denied.

Transact (Treasurer): This user can sign and create proposals, allowing them to manage funds.

Recovery: A silent rank available for proposals to edit user/treasury information. This rank is used to help other users recover access to the treasury or temporarily replace a deceased user.

Viewer: Base level for a regular user that requires access to view data on the business’s assets but needs not to engage with them.

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