Managing treasury accounts

If a Treasury is a vault, a Treasury Account is the teller that handles the ins and outs of funds.

Creating an organization account immediately creates that organization's treasury. Once done, an Admin user can create multiple treasury accounts as necessary.

Usually, treasury accounts represent a specific project or task within the organization, such as 'Ops Planning,' 'Payroll,' and 'Project A,' to name some random ones. This allows users of the treasury to keep easy track of how each project is doing financially and will enable admin users to provide and limit funding based on the required needs and grant access to different levels of access for users to interact with each treasury account.

Crypto Wallet

The first thing to know is that a crypto wallet needs to be connected to the Organization Account to manage a crypto treasury. This wallet, or wallets, will be the avenue that will be used to interact with Supersafe to manage the organization's funds. For more information on how to create a wallet, please see How to create a Phantom Wallet. A wallet can also be imported into the WebApp if there's already one that will be used.

Treasury Accounts

Once a wallet is connected to the Organization Account, the treasury dashboard section will populate and provide much information about the organization's financial status within Supersafe. For more information on understanding the dashboard, please see Understanding my Treasury Dashboard.

The second half of the screen will provide information about the treasury accounts in the treasury dashboard. It will list the treasury accounts that belong to that treasury, as well as information about its assets, the current value, and the types of tokens that compose most of the value within the account.

Creating a Treasury Account

To create a new treasury account, an Admin user can click on the '+' sign on the top right to bring forth the right menu and click 'Create new account.' Here, the admin user will be able to select the specifications for the treasury account, such as the account's name, configure security settings such as Multisig, and provide access to existing users if so desired.

Managing Treasury Accounts

While viewing treasury accounts in the treasury dashboard, an Admin user can manage those accounts to different degrees, some changes being automatic, while others requiring multisig approval if multisig has been configured for that account.

To edit or view the settings of a treasury account, click the menu action button next to the account, represented by '...' in a vertical fashion, and click on 'Edit.'

Here, the admin user will be able to customize the security settings of that specific treasury account, such as setting a multisig or changing the required signers for approval, adding or removing access to this account for a particular user, adding funds to the account, etc.

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