Understanding my Treasury Dashboard

To be able to track everything that's happening in an organization's treasury and be able to rapidly grasp a general idea of the status of the organization's finances, we engineered the Treasury Dashboard to be as user-friendly as possible. The goal is for it to carry the same way as everything Supersafe: Everything a user may need while shaving all complexities.

Thanks to this, the treasury dashboard provides users with a well-calibrated overview of the organization's treasury, with all critical elements in one place so that anyone seeing it can understand the status of the organization's finances. How many treasury accounts, what's the treasury balance, and what are the tokens holding the larger amount of treasury funds? These things can be answered with a simple glance at the dashboard.

Cash Balance

The first thing a user will see in the dashboard will be the balance of funds in the organization's treasury. This will be a sum of all funds split between all treasury accounts. We've taken it upon ourselves to allocate the values for each crypto token to extrapolate an accurate total balance.

Users will also be able to see the fluctuation of the organization's funds in different time intervals (1 day, five days, one month, etc.) with a graphic that provides the visual aid to relay the management of the funds, as cash comes in and goes out.

Asset Mix

In this section, users will have a list of the crypto tokens that hold the highest amount of funds within the treasury accounts, letting users know how many tokens are held and a real-time equivalent in USD. This will provide users with crucial information, such as which tokens are the ones that are being used the most, what % of the treasury each token represents, how many treasury accounts use each type of token, and more.

Treasury Accounts

Here, users will be able to view the different treasury accounts that exist within the treasury. Users will be able to see the name of the treasury account, the number of unique tokens within the account, and the current value of that account. At the same time, the best-represented tokens will be shown with that token's icon next to the name so anyone can quickly grasp which tokens hold the highest value for that account.

Users can also expand any treasury account's entry to display more information, showing the different crypto accounts linked to that account, the account address, the ability to copy it, and more.

Supersafe's primary focus is to provide an organization with an all-in-one cash management tool, and nothing does this better than the treasury dashboard.

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