How to manage a Supersafe Account (Org)

Admin-level users within a Supersafe account, or Org, can configure the account to meet their needs better. This includes modifying the account's basic information, inviting new users to join the organization, managing permissions, or removing the users altogether. These functionalities can be managed by accessing the 'Organization Profile' page, which is done by clicking on the top-right user profile icon and clicking 'Org Settings.'

Organization Profile

In this area, any Admin user can modify the organization's name and the contact email address linked to the organization, as well as customize the organization's branding (logo). The Admin user can also select between having the organization run on Mainnet (Production), where all transactions are real, or Devnet (Testing Sandbox), a simulated network to test the application.

Further down, there's the Members and Invitations section, where any Admin user can view the list of members in the organization, manage their permissions, and remove them from the organization altogether. This section also allows an Admin user to invite others to join the organization account within Supersafe.

Users can be invited with different Roles to tailor their level of access to what's required, and they are invited through an invitation code that can be passed down to them after being generated by the Admin or Org Treasurer by clicking 'Invite New User'.

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