How to create a Treasury Account

If a Treasury is a safe room where all your funds are placed, a Treasury Account is the teller you use to have those funds interact with the outside world. In this way, a treasury account is a sub-level within a treasury, and Organization Accounts can have multiple of each to serve different needs.

This means that you can create treasuries, and you can also create treasury accounts within those treasuries. To find out how to create both of these, see below:

These processes require that the user has Admin-level privileges.

How to create a Treasury

When an Organization Account is first created, that organization's Treasury is automatically created as well. The process creates the Treasury as part of the creation of the organization. However, if additional treasuries need to be created, follow the next steps:

  1. While logged into Supersafe, go to 'Manage Organization.'
  2. Click on 'Treasuries.'
  3. Click on 'Create New Treasury.'
  4. Place the name of the treasury and any other relevant information and click 'Create Treasury.'
  5. You will need to approve the process in your Phantom Wallet.
  6. Your treasury is now created!

How to create a Treasury Account

To create a Treasury Account, follow these steps:

  1. While logged into Supersafe, go to the 'Treasury' section.
  2. Click on 'Treasury Accounts.'
  3. Click on 'Create New Account.'
  4. Here you'll be able to input the desired information for the treasury account, such as the name of the treasury account, assign any users to it, and even select the token the treasury account will be working with.
  5. When finished placing the information, click 'Create Account.'
  6. Your treasury account is now created!
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