How to schedule an Onboarding Session

As Supersafe nears its launch date, scheduling an Onboarding Session is the final step before being able to enjoy the application. To schedule an Onboarding Session, follow the next steps:

Setting up an Onboarding Session is only possible when your turn is reached through the Waitlist.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to the application. For assistance in this, please visit How to log in to Supersafe.
  3. Once logged in, if your turn on the Waitlist has arrived, you should reach the section to book an onboarding session.
  4. Please select the date and time you'd like for the Onboarding Session on the displayed calendar.
  5. Include any necessary information, as well as provide additional invitations to the onboarding session to others if needed.
  6. When ready, click "Book."
  7. You have successfully booked your Onboarding Session! You will receive an email with the information about the session, and you can review the information at any time by logging into your Supersafe account.
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