How to set Roles in Supersafe

Supersafe empowers admin users to customize user permissions, enabling them to precisely control access levels based on individual requirements. This is achieved by assigning Roles to users, which can be given at an organization or treasury account level. We've included instructions on assigning roles at an organization or treasury account level and a table of the different permission levels for each role.

Organization Account Roles

Roles assigned at the Organization Account level define the extent of user access within Supersafe and govern the use of its diverse features. These roles determine the level of access to various areas within the application and how the user interacts with the app.

The Roles at an Organization level are as follows:

  1. Org Admin: This is the role of the org administrator, giving full control of the organization.
  2. Org Treasurer: This allows a user full access to all treasury accounts but limited access to manage the organization's configurations.
  3. Restricted: This role is assigned to users that are meant to work on specific treasury accounts while having limited or no interactions with the organization's configurations.

To assign Roles to users at the Organization Account level, please follow these steps:

  1. While logged into Supersafe as an Admin, click on the top-right user profile.
  2. Click on 'Org Settings.'
  3. Scroll down to the 'Members' section.
  4. You will find a comprehensive list of users currently associated with the Organization.
  5. Locate the desired user to modify.
  6. In the 'Role' column, click on the currently assigned role for the user to activate the option for selecting alternative roles.
  7. From the available options, choose the desired role for the user.
  8. The assigned Role for the user will be promptly updated to reflect the newly selected role. Congratulations! The process is now complete.

Treasury Account Permissions

If an Organization is a building, treasury accounts are the different office spaces. While the Organization Admin can access all areas within the building, certain users may only have access to specific offices to work there without interacting with anything else.

This is how treasury accounts roles work, granting users access to specific accounts and allowing them to work on them while only being able to view other accounts without influencing them and having no access at all to others.

To assign roles to users within a Treasury Account, please follow these steps:

  1. While logged into Supersafe as an Admin, go to the Treasury Dashboard.
  2. Under 'Treasury Accounts,' select the desired account.
  3. Once the treasury account opens up, click on 'More' on the top-right of the account details page.
  4. Click on 'Settings.'
  5. In Settings, click the 'User Permissions' tab.
  6. In this area, a list of all users in the organization will be displayed, showing the current role assigned to them. To change a user's role, click on the role for that user and select the new one from the list. The available roles are:
    1. Admin: Provides admin-level rights within this specific treasury account only.
    2. View: Allows access to view treasury information but does not influence it.
    3. Restricted: Blocks access for the user to this treasury account altogether.
  7. After selecting a role, there is also an option to allow the user to become a Signer on the account. Signers can vote on proposals submitted for Approval or Reject them.

Roles & Permissions

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